Corporate India vs Mamata Banerjee

An angry West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC chief Mamata Banerjee is refusing to budge and her rigid stance a direct attack on the industry. Rajeev Kumar, Secretary General FICCI, said, “Mamta is a seasoned leader and no question of anybody teaching her reforms. She might have views but these reforms have come after a long time, and it is very important for them to be get moving.

Corporate leaders backing the Centre decision push for big ticket reforms to push the wheels of growth. Anand Mahindra, Chairman M&M, said, Again, we urge the Government to stand its ground. Right thinking Indians will be less than amused by partisan politics in a fragile economy. But Mamata not convinced.

If I remember correctly, when Pranab Mukherjee our honourable President of the country right now when he was the Finance Minister of the country there was a commitment in the house, the Lok Sabha that regarding FDI until and unless all the political parties agree to it, the word may be consensus or something.”

“I cannot remember the word, we shall not implement it so what for, what for did my Congress political friends to take over and to seize the matter and took the decision immediately within a day or two including all categories such as LPG, diesel, domestic gas, FDI in retail and what not, Mamata said. After all isn’t this reforms push that has been the last straw in her relationship with the Government.
Sources : TOI

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